5 Ways to Spot a Potential Leader

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By Les McKwown Not everyone has what it takes. Next time you’re sitting in a meeting, look for these five obvious signs of a great leader. As a leader, one of your key roles is to identify and develop potential future leaders. For me, the most telling environment in which to assess leadership potential is that old stand-by, the management … Read More

Workforce Management Has Moved to the Cloud: Four Strategies for Smart Purchasing Decisions

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By: Bob Webb, VP Sales Moving from Chaos to Order There is a chaos theory in physics and mathematics that has been formulated after a great struggle by scientists (Newtonian Physics and Euclidian Geometry). It had long been believed that “Order” was permanent and universal. This belief was later challenged by the undeniable reality of chaos, i.e. clouds are not … Read More

Fenero vs. Five9, inContact, Aspect, Oracle CCA and Avaya – Straight Talk Series, Round 1

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Many of our customers are incrementally migrating away from their current solution to Fenero for obvious reasons. We thought we should help everyone considering a move to Fenero by providing an unbiased “Us vs. Them” comparison on what makes us different and why we are a better option. One of our biggest advantages against all of our competitors is the … Read More

Great Coaches Take Responsibility for Success

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By Melissa Kovacevic I don’t think any contact center leaders will be surprised if I suggested that some of their Agents aren’t self-motivated individuals. And some might be motivated, but don’t fully understand how to make the skill improvements needed.  As Leaders, we need to take responsibility for helping each agent reach their full skills potential. Unfortunately some supervisors and … Read More

The Anatomy of a Leader

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By: Kevin Eikenberry There is no perfect leader; leaders truly come in all shapes and sizes. Doctors know the same about their patients, yet they still study anatomy – to understand the basic workings of body parts, their roles and how they function together. While the bodies are different, the anatomy is the same. Similarly, though the style, approach and … Read More