Find and Keep Top Call Center Talent With Data Analysis and Psychology

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By Ashley Verrill, Market Analyst, Software Advice You interviewed a multitude of candidates for your call center position, found your perfect hire and trained them. Now the last thing you’d want is to lose that person. To increase retention, call centers have commonly used strategies such as gamification to foster a sense of competition and achievement. There’s plenty of research showing … Read More

Staffing Smart = Bucks to the Bottom Line – Economics 101

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By: Bruce Belfiore, CEO, BenchmarkPortal Do you know what your average cost per call is? If not, you should make the effort to compute it. It is a key metric because important decisions should take it into account, including staffing decisions. Consider one center that had an abandon rate of 6.5%. With some discussion, research and effort, the following calculations … Read More

Getting Colleagues to Carry Their Weight

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“This article is brought to you courtesy of Call Center Times.” By: Adam Grant Wharton professor and author of GIVE AND TAKE When people come together in groups, there’s usually at least one member who slacks off. Whether you call it shirking or social loafing, it’s a major source of misery, and it prevents teams from achieving their potential. It … Read More

The Essentials of Great Leadership

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By Ida Rowlands   What constitutes a great leader?  For the most part, a proficient leader must be able to provide clear direction and limits, give backup and assistance to his or her team, and then, most importantly, step back and let them achieve what needs to be done.  The best leaders provide insight and information in order to allow … Read More

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Make the Transition from Spreadsheets to Workforce Management

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By Lori Kyker, Senior Consultant to Pipkins, Inc Change can be difficult. Often, change is resisted even when it will enhance our life or make it easier. We create justifications for our resistance and over time, the justifications become accepted reasons without further analysis. Technology is designed to make our jobs less tedious; however, many contact centers struggle with implementation … Read More

Custom Fields, Interaction Detail Reports, Instant Messaging in Fenero Contact Center Software v1.1.5

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What’s New in Version 1.1.5 We’re constantly working on making Fenero Contact Center the best solution in the market. This is made possible by you, our customers! Your feedback is invaluable to our continued development. Here are some of the latest updates we have done based on customer feedback. Custom Fields. You can import an unlimited number of custom fields … Read More