The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring

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By Martin Webster The aim of this short article is to provide clarity for those in a workplace developmental relationship such as mentoring. That is, to understand the difference between coaching and mentoring. However, this is not straightforward since there is much confusion of definitions between practitioners. “A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge with someone less experienced … Read More

Leverage Analytics to Cash in on Customer Insights

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“This article is brought to you courtesy of Call Center Times.” by Lauren Ziskie, Customer Engagement Officer, Dialogue Marketing, Inc. Decoding the Voice of the Customer Data is a company’s competitive advantage if leveraged correctly. New ideas, product enhancements, quality or warranty issues, operational efficiencies, sales and marketing insights and legal risks are all outcomes that can be uncovered and … Read More


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by Robert Porter, President and CEO, 1-800 We Answer Call Centers A reliable and professional call center partner will provide your business not only with measurable return on investment in terms of orders processed, appointments made and customer service resolved but also the intangible benefit of protecting and enhancing your brand. Growing your business is serious business and in our … Read More