Built-in Screen Recording, PCI-compliant IVRs, Automatic Data Feeds, Broadcast Instant Messaging, Improved Lead Management, New Reports and More in Fenero Contact Center Software v1.5.5

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We have been hard at work making our software one of the best solutions available. As a result of our standard product roadmap development and customer feedback, version 1.5.5 introduces a really cool major feature as well as numerous minor improvements to Fenero Contact Center. Continue reading for details on our new and enhanced features. Built-in Real Time Screen Recording … Read More

Customer Care – Tip of the Month

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Don’t Have the Answer? Many times your Customer Service Representatives are faced with a situation where they cannot readily respond to a customer’s question and the tendency is for them to immediately give a response which may be a guess as to what the customer wants to hear. When such a situation arises and they don’t know the answer to the customer’s question it is always better to … Read More