Are you staffed appropriately this holiday season?

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With the holiday season already here, I hope you made the necessary preparations for your contact center to handle the expected call volume. Typically your customer service representatives request PTO to spend time with their families and shop but that’s also when you have the highest call volume. If you are not staffed appropriately, your metrics will be impacted. It is key to establish parameters for time-off requests in the interest of fairness to your employees.

To stay in compliance with your HR policies, your customer service representatives should have the ability to request time off based on established corporate policies regarding seniority, rotation, or first-come-first-serve. Limits should be established for time off during various times of the year, including how many weeks can be booked during certain times when the call volume is likely to be highest, how many weeks can be taken consecutively, and any other parameters governed by your corporate policy. Additionally, setting rules that dictate days when no time off will be allowed, especially when high call volume is expected, such as certain holidays or major promotion periods when the center must be fully staffed.

Documentation is significant to the success of your workforce management. Managers should keep track of agents personal leave time, including earned, used, and available days. It should be a best practice to post center-wide available time off slots prior to agents requesting time off to ensure that their desired time is available. Most contact centers assign available time-off slots by agent group in order to prevent a negative impact on the center due to having too many agents with the same skill set in the same call center, or in other group categories, from taking vacation simultaneously; this can work for your company as well.

It’s crucial that you are staffed appropriately during this holiday season. Forward planning is always the best option but if your like some contact center managers and have to wait for clients to complete your forecast, time is of the essence. If you follow the tips mentioned above, your holiday season will run smoothly.

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