Open integration support in Fenero Contact Center allow customers to easily integrate some of the functionality of the Fenero Contact Center Agent with their internal applications. For example, if an internal application for searching customer information already exists, click-to-dial functionality can be easily added to this internal application by adding a simple call to an Fenero Contact Center web service to handle the dialing.

Ready / Not Ready

Before they can handle calls, agents must be in a Ready state. Similarly, going to a Not Ready state disallow agents from taking calls. These web methods allow external applications to place users in a Ready or Not Ready state.


Fenero Contact Center’s API supports dialing phone numbers from an external application by calling its Dial web service method.


When called from an external application, Fenero Contact Center’s Hangup web service method ends the current call for the agent specified.


The Disposition web service method allows external applications to automatically disposition agent calls. Simply specifying the agent and disposition code tells Fenero Contact Center to associate the current call with the disposition provided.

Add Lead

External applications can use the Add Lead web service method to automatically add leads to the system.

DTMF tones can be sent from an external application to Fenero Contact Center, which instructs the system to send the specified number as a DTMF tone for the current call.

Custom Methods

In addition to the standard API web service methods listed above, Fenero Contact Center supports custom methods to handle almost every complex business scenario requiring open integration to external systems.

Continuous Updates

Check out our complete Interaction API documentation to learn about our extensive built-in open integration capabilities.