Support for outbound contact management is another advantage of Fenero Contact Center. Its features included for outbound are listed below.

List Management

Fenero Contact Center allows you to import an unlimited number of outbound dialing lists for your campaigns. With built-in support for local time zones, records in each list will be called according to the call-time rules for their time zone. In addition, Fenero Contact Center’s flexible list management feature allows you to push leads into the dialer real time, to support campaigns such as call me now.

With powerful lead recycling rules, you can control when to call back leads that may have been busy or didn’t answer at the time of contact. Maximum dial attempts, scheduled callbacks, and list mixing are also some of the great features of Fenero Contact Centers outbound dialer.


List Filters

List filters in Fenero Contact Center allows you to apply a dynamic set of filters to existing dialing lists. This feature makes dialing a subset of lists that were already imported very straightforward. You simply determine what imported field you would like to filter by, such as city, state, area code, time zone, etc., and associate it with an active outbound campaign.

Interaction Scripts

To help guide agents through their interactions with customers, Fenero Contact Center supports call scripts that integrate with dialing lists to populate lead information dynamically, such as a lead’s name and address information.

Do Not Call

With support for Do Not Call (DNC) lists, Fenero Contact Center allows you to exclude phone numbers on a campaign-only or system-wide basis. It can also integrate with external DNC sources as required for your campaigns.

This robust feature allows you to specify a unique Caller ID per lead, per dialing list, or per campaign. For example, if an imported dialing list contains records for leads nationwide, Fenero Contact Center allows you to specify a Caller ID local to the lead to help increase your contact rates.

Multiple Dial Methods

Fenero Contact Center supports several dialing methods. These include manual dialing, which allow agents to dial records from a list at their own discretion; ratio dialing, which is an automatic dialing method that allows campaign managers to allocate a certain number of phone lines to each agent; and predictive dialing, which uses several customizable algorithms to increase outbound contact rates and agent productivity.

Alternate Phone Dialing

For leads with multiple phone numbers in a list, alternate phone number dialing allows you to dial each phone in attempt to reach the lead. Fenero Contact Center supports up to three (3) phone numbers per record for alternate phone number dialing.

FTC Compliance

With support for safe harbor rules, drop percentage limits, Do Not Call adherence, and call-time rules, Fenero Contact Center’s outbound dialer ensures that your contact center remains compliant with FTC regulations.

And Much More!

We are constantly adding new outbound capabilities to Fenero Contact Center. Check out our blog frequently to learn more about our latest features and releases.