Wide Array of Standard and Custom Reports

Fenero Contact Center reporting consists of a set of standard and custom contact center reports for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs). All reports are fully Web-based and can be exported to PDF or Excel for further analysis.

100% Call Recordings

All calls processed by Fenero Contact Center are 100% recorded. Managers can optionally turn off 100% recordings in favor of on-demand recordings. However, with Fenero Contact Center’s primary configuration users never have to worry about missing recordings again.

Built-in Realtime Screen Recordings

Fenero Contact Center supports realtime, built-in screen recordings as part of its Quality Assurance feature set. When enabled, the Fenero Contact Center Agent software automatically records the entire desktop from the moment a call starts to the moment it is dispositioned. There are no limitations on use – you simply pay pennies per GB of storage and record as many interactions as necessary for your organization.

Inbound Detail Reporting

Fenero Contact Center’s built-in Inbound Detail reports provide contact centers with the metrics required to ensure KPIs are met. Reported metrics include calls offered, calls answered, calls abandoned, transfers, abandon percentage, service level, average answer time, average handle time, average speed of answer, and much more.

Agent Performance Statistics

Agent performance reports in Fenero Contact Center allow campaign managers to measure each agent individually. Standard contact center metrics, such as average handle time, talk time, after call work time, and more are available within Fenero Contact Center’s agent reports.

Outbound Flash reports provide detailed insight into outbound campaign performance for managers. Some of the metrics reported include workable vs. non-workable leads, finalized percentages, penetration rates, sales analysis, agent time analysis, and list analysis.

Disposition Summary Reports

Disposition Summary reports within Fenero Contact Center allow managers to report on the outcome of each call. Time analysis by outcome helps determine call types that may require more efficient operations or performance improvements.

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting is a great feature that allows access to raw data for custom reporting purposes. Managers can build numerous views of the various data captured by Fenero Contact Center to deliver unique and customer-specific reports.

Quality Auditing and Reporting

With tight integration with the Fenero Contact Center call recording feature, quality auditing and reporting allows QA staff to perform auditing and scoring of calls. Customizable audit forms allow QA managers to build an unlimited number of forms to perform audits. In addition, managers can quickly generate performance reports used to further develop agents.

Web Accessible and Playback

Fenero Contact Center offers a very easy to use, Web-based interface for recording playback. Users can filter recordings by inbound queue, outbound campaigns, date ranges, or specific agents.

Perpertual Recording Storage

With Fenero Contact Center, recordings are always available 24x7x365. Fenero Contact Center supports unlimited storage for recordings, ensuring that call recordings and screen recordings are available in perpetuity.

Live Monitoring

Contact center supervisors can live monitor agents through a very easy to use interface. With this feature, they can simply monitor agents silently or barge in agent conversations with customers to provide guidance or assistance.

And Much More!

We are always updating the reporting and QA capabilities in Fenero Contact Center. Check out our blog frequently to learn more about all new updates.