Are you staffed appropriately this holiday season?

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With the holiday season already here, I hope you made the necessary preparations for your contact center to handle the expected call volume. Typically your customer service representatives request PTO to spend time with their families and shop but that’s also when you have the highest call volume. If you are not staffed appropriately, your metrics will be impacted. It is … Read More

Are Your Agent Schedules Ready for the Holidays?

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With the holidays just a couple of weeks away, hopefully you have made the necessary preparations to handle all agent requests and the required adjustments with holiday scheduling. Typically it is at this time of year agents typically request time off and it also the time when call volumes are at the highest. Forward planning is essential to ensure that you … Read More

Preparing for the Next Generation of Agents

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By Tom Goodmanson Generation Y, also known as millennials, are getting their fair share of attention with respect to today’s workplace and their place in it.  Born between 1981 and 2000, millennials expect interesting and challenging work.  They anticipate fast and upward mobility, along with ongoing mentoring and feedback from their supervisors.  Members of generation Y expect to be equipped … Read More