De-Stress Your Call Center: How to Manage In a Stressful Environment

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The reality is that job-related stress has long been the nemesis of employees/employers around the globe. Stress has been linked in studies to everything from increased illness and related absenteeism, lower productivity to obesity. Given the economic situation we have experienced over the last few years, the reality is that many are working harder for less money, and still wind … Read More

Keeping the Lines Open When Disaster Hits the Call Center

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By Jeff Davis Can you reroute your support lines? One of the first things companies must do when looking at disaster recovery options is to find a suitable place to set up alternate operations. The separate work site should be easy for employees to get to, and it should provide plenty of Internet bandwidth. Perhaps more important, though, you must … Read More

Is 100% Customer Satisfaction Achievable? For this Company Yes!

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Simplicity Sofas is a beloved company and their customer service philosophy is very simple: They do whatever it takes to surprise and delight customers. They make the furniture purchasing experience informative and enjoyable. They deliver more than customers expect. Simplicity Sofas is a furniture manufacturer in High Point, NC. and an eCommerce retailer specializing in furniture for small spaces. After more … Read More

Getting Your Team in the Zone

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By Glenn Pasch At one of the press conferences at the Masters Golf Tournament, Lee Westwood, the round two leader, was asked if he was worried because Phil Mickelson had caught up to him.  He answered that he could only worry about the shots he hit.  This got me thinking about two different types of call center agents: those that … Read More

Are You Prepared For The Unexpected To Happen?

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Liz Makin As a business owner or manager you are probably so focused on running your business day to day that you don’t have time to think about potential disruptions to your business. However what would you do if the unexpected happened? The unexpected could be anything from a wide range of possibilities including your website may get hacked into, … Read More

What Do Customers Want?

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“This article is brought to you courtesy of Call Center Times.” By Brian Moore, Executive Director, Varolii New research shows that consumers want more real-time communications from enterprises with whom they do business. However, these rising expectations are on a collision course with federal and state regulations governing how and when companies communicate with consumers. In a recent survey of … Read More

Self Service with a Personal Touch

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“This article is brought to you courtesy of Call Center Times.” Pelorus Associates Readers of a certain age will remember the popular sitcom Cheers, about a neighborhood bar where Ted Dansen starred as the proprietor. The refrain of the popular theme song was ”I want to go where everyone knows my name.” That’s the power of personalization. It’s what keeps us … Read More

Virtual Agents Best Practices Series – Process

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In the previous issue I shared Virtual Agent “Best Practices” tied to People and in this column I will outline Process “Best Practices” that I have identified through my research and discussions with early adopters of Work At Home Agents. As I mentioned previously there is no clearly identified best process to follow when deploying Work At Home Agents but … Read More