The 29 Costly Implications of Losing Customers

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By: Bryant Nielson I  am not the originator of this list but found it instructive as to the success and failure of companies. A lost customer means lost feedback and the opportunity to improve. A lost customer means lost sales and revenue that is lost forever! A lost customer causes asking, “Why didn’t we recognize the problem before losing them?” … Read More

Stop Losing Money and Focus on Customer Service

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By: Flavio Martins 80% of businesses believe they provide “superior” customer service, but only 8% of customers would describe the service as great. When your customers aren’t satisfied, there’s real damage that they can do to the long term success of your organization. Maybe you can stand to lose one or two or a few dozen, maybe even a few hundred … Read More

Customer Care – Tip of the Month

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Don’t Have the Answer? Many times your Customer Service Representatives are faced with a situation where they cannot readily respond to a customer’s question and the tendency is for them to immediately give a response which may be a guess as to what the customer wants to hear. When such a situation arises and they don’t know the answer to the customer’s question it is always better to … Read More

Leverage Analytics to Cash in on Customer Insights

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“This article is brought to you courtesy of Call Center Times.” by Lauren Ziskie, Customer Engagement Officer, Dialogue Marketing, Inc. Decoding the Voice of the Customer Data is a company’s competitive advantage if leveraged correctly. New ideas, product enhancements, quality or warranty issues, operational efficiencies, sales and marketing insights and legal risks are all outcomes that can be uncovered and … Read More