A Dozen Ways to Cultivate Customer Relationships

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By:  Brad Cleveland Over the past decade or so, ICMI has studied, codified and periodically published a summary of the most important principles behind building strong, profitable customer relationships. But have evolving customer expectations, developments in social media, new communication channels, or other developments, changed the fundamentals? Fortunately, no. In fact, today’s ultra-connected environment seems to amplify them. The principles behind building … Read More

How to Retain Your Best Call Center Agents

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Technology has inspired many changes to the call center, but one challenge remains unchanged, consistent and vital to the success of a business; finding and retaining outstanding agents.  This article from ICMI was written in 2008, however the five tips it provides for agent retention are just as helpful today and perhaps even more so, as the people skills many of … Read More

Upcoming Call Center Events for June 2013

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There are two events happening next month. Which will you attend? Call Center Week will host its 14th annual conference in Las Vegas while ICMI is going to Chicago for its call center training symposium. Happy Networking!   Call Center Week June 10-14, 2013 Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV www.callcenterweek.com   ICMI Symposium Improving Call Center Performance June18-21, 2013 Chicago, … Read More