Ten Simple Strategies for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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By Debra Semans It seems that businesses are getting re-focused on customer satisfaction.  Are your customers satisfied?  How do you know? Unless you are actively asking customers about their experience, you can’t really be sure.  Have they not come back because they had no need or because they had a poor experience the last time they did business with you? Customer … Read More

A Dozen Ways to Cultivate Customer Relationships

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By:  Brad Cleveland Over the past decade or so, ICMI has studied, codified and periodically published a summary of the most important principles behind building strong, profitable customer relationships. But have evolving customer expectations, developments in social media, new communication channels, or other developments, changed the fundamentals? Fortunately, no. In fact, today’s ultra-connected environment seems to amplify them. The principles behind building … Read More

Disaster – Proofing Your Call Center

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By Nicolas D’Alleva Disasters that may potentially disrupt your call center can manifest themselves in different ways. In today’s world of heightened customer expectations and real-time tweeting and blogging about service interruptions that could tarnish your image, disaster-proofing your call center operations must be an essential part of your business strategy. Broadly, disasters can be classified as 1) semi-predictable and … Read More

Getting Your Team in the Zone

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By Glenn Pasch At one of the press conferences at the Masters Golf Tournament, Lee Westwood, the round two leader, was asked if he was worried because Phil Mickelson had caught up to him.  He answered that he could only worry about the shots he hit.  This got me thinking about two different types of call center agents: those that … Read More

Five Major Trends in the Contact Center

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“This article is brought to you courtesy of Call Center Times.” By Dick Bucci, Principal and Founder, Pelorus Associates Pelorus Associates is a market research and consulting firm that carefully tracks important trends and developments within the contact center industry. The following list summarizes five trends that have been underway for some time and we expect will continue to impact … Read More

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Make the Transition from Spreadsheets to Workforce Management

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By Lori Kyker, Senior Consultant to Pipkins, Inc Change can be difficult. Often, change is resisted even when it will enhance our life or make it easier. We create justifications for our resistance and over time, the justifications become accepted reasons without further analysis. Technology is designed to make our jobs less tedious; however, many contact centers struggle with implementation … Read More

Workforce Management Has Moved to the Cloud: Four Strategies for Smart Purchasing Decisions

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By: Bob Webb, VP Sales Moving from Chaos to Order There is a chaos theory in physics and mathematics that has been formulated after a great struggle by scientists (Newtonian Physics and Euclidian Geometry). It had long been believed that “Order” was permanent and universal. This belief was later challenged by the undeniable reality of chaos, i.e. clouds are not … Read More