De-Stress Your Call Center: How to Manage In a Stressful Environment

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The reality is that job-related stress has long been the nemesis of employees/employers around the globe. Stress has been linked in studies to everything from increased illness and related absenteeism, lower productivity to obesity. Given the economic situation we have experienced over the last few years, the reality is that many are working harder for less money, and still wind … Read More

Retain and Motivate Your Millennial Workers

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By Tip Fallon Finding and keeping good, young talent can be challenging for any business, but especially so in a call center.  In today’s economy, the next generation can hold the key to boosting your bottom line. Most new graduates are eager to show their talents in the workplace, have not picked up bad working habits from years of experience … Read More

Improving Agent Retention

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By Kelli Massaro Retaining top performers is essential to call center success.  The challenge is to create a positive work culture that sustains, nurtures, and engages employees – both as part of a team and individually.  Retention is a multifaceted issue that is affected by both intrinsic factors (individual employee needs) and extrinsic factors (organizational or departmental systems that support … Read More

26 Tips for Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

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By: Alex Holderness As customers gain access to more options and formulate loftier expectations, delivering an exceptional customer experience is becoming increasingly pivotal. In previous eras, businesses evaluated their customer experience efforts based on the extent to which they minimized complaints and attrition.  In today’s era, that of the empowered customer, businesses cannot constrain themselves to such a retroactive approach.  If … Read More