Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Customer Service

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For larger companies, the contact center is a critical business system. These checklists, prepared by Roger Sumner, senior vice president of the Technology Office at Aspect Software, will help ensure that you ask the correct questions when planning for business continuity in this area. First  acknowledge that the term ‘disaster’ encompasses a lot of unpleasant possibilities. Get specific about the … Read More

Improving Agent Retention

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By Kelli Massaro Retaining top performers is essential to call center success.  The challenge is to create a positive work culture that sustains, nurtures, and engages employees – both as part of a team and individually.  Retention is a multifaceted issue that is affected by both intrinsic factors (individual employee needs) and extrinsic factors (organizational or departmental systems that support … Read More

Workforce Management Has Moved to the Cloud: Four Strategies for Smart Purchasing Decisions

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By: Bob Webb, VP Sales Moving from Chaos to Order There is a chaos theory in physics and mathematics that has been formulated after a great struggle by scientists (Newtonian Physics and Euclidian Geometry). It had long been believed that “Order” was permanent and universal. This belief was later challenged by the undeniable reality of chaos, i.e. clouds are not … Read More