Preparing for the Next Generation of Agents

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By Tom Goodmanson Generation Y, also known as millennials, are getting their fair share of attention with respect to today’s workplace and their place in it.  Born between 1981 and 2000, millennials expect interesting and challenging work.  They anticipate fast and upward mobility, along with ongoing mentoring and feedback from their supervisors.  Members of generation Y expect to be equipped … Read More

Technology in Today’s Customer Contact Centers

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“This article is brought to you courtesy of Call Center Times.” By Mitch Perkal, Aspect Customer contact centers are now faced with the task of serving consumers across multiple communication channels. As technology advances at an accelerated rate, customer contact centers are expected to utilize these next-generation solutions and tools to enhance customer service and create new efficiencies to help build business. … Read More

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Make the Transition from Spreadsheets to Workforce Management

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By Lori Kyker, Senior Consultant to Pipkins, Inc Change can be difficult. Often, change is resisted even when it will enhance our life or make it easier. We create justifications for our resistance and over time, the justifications become accepted reasons without further analysis. Technology is designed to make our jobs less tedious; however, many contact centers struggle with implementation … Read More

Workforce Management Has Moved to the Cloud: Four Strategies for Smart Purchasing Decisions

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By: Bob Webb, VP Sales Moving from Chaos to Order There is a chaos theory in physics and mathematics that has been formulated after a great struggle by scientists (Newtonian Physics and Euclidian Geometry). It had long been believed that “Order” was permanent and universal. This belief was later challenged by the undeniable reality of chaos, i.e. clouds are not … Read More