The comprehensive set of features available in the Fenero Contact Center Web-based Agent are listed below.

Login from Anywhere

Once an agent’s phone is configured, they can log in to the Fenero Contact Center Web-based agent interface from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
Fenero Contact Center Agent Login

Blended Contacts

Using a single Web-based agent interface, contact center agents can handle calls for inbound, outbound or both, as well as email and chat. This allows contact centers to utilize shared resources and increase utilization rates for their campaigns.

Transfers & Conferences

Fenero Contact Center allows agents to perform blind transfers, warm transfers, or 3-way conferences all through its interface. Third-party calls can be placed on hold or merged with callers to ensure customer interactions are handled appropriately.

Call Parking

With the click of a button, agents can place callers or 3rd party calls on hold while they attend to other tasks, such as customer lookup or other reference searches.

Call Log

Agents can easily view all their calls handled for the day by accessing their call logs. This allows them to quickly perform callbacks or annotate notes on a customer’s record after an interaction.

Dtmf Integration

If interacting with an IVR, Fenero Contact Center’s DTMF support allows agents to send DTMF tones, such as navigating through an IVR during a 3rd party call, directly within its interface. Agents never have to interact with a physical phone once logged in to Fenero Contact Center.

Campaign Activity

If enabled by an administrator, agents can easily view the current calls in queue, their average handle time, and the states of other agents assigned to the same campaign.

Directly from within Fenero Contact Center, agents can place calls on mute and increase or decrease the volume of their line.

Customer Information

With a centralized database used for all caller activity, Fenero Contact Center allows agents to view basic caller information to help during interactions. This includes caller phone, name and address information as well as any previous notes associated with the caller’s record.

Guided Scripting

Fenero Contact Center’s dynamic script support allows campaign administrators to build guided scripts for agent interactions. This includes dynamically populating variables in scripts, such as the caller’s name or phone number, to further personalize agent responses to callers.

Manual or Preview Dials

Whether an agent is on an outbound campaign or inbound queue, Fenero Contact Center allows them to perform manual or preview outbound calls with a few clicks.

And Much More!

Our browser-based agent interface is constantly updated with new features. Check out our blog frequently to learn more about these updates.