Fenero Web Phone is a 100% browser-based SIP phone that can be used for inbound and outbound voice communications. No more third party soft phones to setup, configure and maintain. Easily use features like transfer, mute, and hold. Fenero Web Phone supports click-to-call functionality and utilizes WebRTC technology.

Key Features

Key functionality includes the ability to setup conditional branching to create logic-based, dynamic scripts and surveys for agent interactions. The script designer includes predefined controls for conditions, navigation, actions, check box, multi-selection, radio button, iframe, image, text box, time picker and more. Use Fenero Flow to dynamically populate variables in scripts such as caller name and phone number for personalized agent responses. Even integrate with dialing lists to populate lead data dynamically such as lead name and address. Fenero Flow is fully integrated within Fenero Management Portal.

General Features
  • 100% browser-based SIP phone
  • Secured conversations via TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security v1.2)
  • Supports Click-2-Call functionality
  • Transfer, Hold and Mute support
  • Optional hold music
Browser Support

Fenero’s Web Phone is currently supported on the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome v28+
  • Mozilla Firefox v25.0.1+
  • Opera v37+